What is SiRA Aerial Yoga?

SiRA is an educational platform that allows you to bring the change of healthy life by using a new way of studying. With our novel educational approach, you can start teaching your first Aerial Yoga Kids class immediately.

SiRA Aerial Yoga is the practice of yoga incorporating a hammock, that combines all the benefits of yoga while making the activity endless fun. Kids and adults absolutely love it!

The Origin of SiRA

In 2009 I started teaching Yoga Kids in my studio and in schools. Because kids are accustomed to the fast changing pictures on electronics, along with our fast-paced society, the children had difficulty calming down for the 45 minute yoga class. That is when I discovered the use of the accessory – the hammock, and that is when my love of Aerial Yoga began.  Aerial Yoga is the practice of yoga incorporating a hammock, so at times you are off the ground and have the feel of flying …

I’ve taken my knowledge of yoga therapy and yoga for kids and combined it into a unique year-round SiRA Aerial Yoga program. The SiRA Aerial Yoga Kids program combines all the benefits of yoga with the fun types of activities that children love!  Kids come to this class and don’t want to leave.

The growth of this program has been substantial since 2009 and it only continues to grow.

Lena SiRA Fly Yoga Teacher

Discover how you can bring this joyful form of healthy activity to the kids around you.

Who we are and our qualifications

I’m Lena Shur, a yoga therapist and the owner of Shablulena Studio in Karkur teaching Aerial Yoga to kids, teens and adults.

Twenty years ago I started practicing yoga during my work in hi-tech as a software project manager. I had no idea what a big part of my life yoga would become.  In 2009, even though I was at peak of my carrier in hi-tech, I decided to leave my job to spend more time with my twins. This is when I combined my two passions – yoga and teaching kids, which resulted in opening my own studio.

I believe, that in our lives, there is an endless race taking place between home, children and work.  It is necessary to immerse in an hour of yoga which brings with it a sense of inner harmony and strengthening of the body.

Now, after over 8 years of studies, I am a certified yoga instructor and a children’s yoga teacher. I am a graduate of the Wingate Institute, the Savanna Center graduate, and  Dr. Gil Solberg’s yoga therapy program. I’ve also completed countless courses and trainings in the study of yoga, aerial yoga, yoga therapy and yoga for children.

Even more important, I’m a mom to twins and a wife to Semyon who is also part of this project.

Semyon Shur, my husband, is responsible for marketing and technology. Semyon is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for social projects. Prior to starting the SiRA project, Semyon built and sold internet companies and worked for over 15 years in sales and marketing for various technology companies including regional VP of Sales for Oversi Networks.

Why do we do what we do?

We love seeing people start to live a healthier life doing something they love to do. As a result, we provide ready to use material for unique activities from expert trainers to allow you to bring the change of a healthier and better life to people surrounding you, including your family, your community and your business.

In addition to the benefits of yoga, you will see and experience the fun of flying.

 It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

If you want to bring the change of a healthier and better life to the people in your life, it’s never too late. You can Start Here to explore how you can deliver SiRA Aerial Yoga Kids in your community, at home or at your business.