Is Aerial Yoga or FLYoga right for you?

Aerial Yoga is the newest, most powerful and effective tool in the practice of yoga therapy. Aerial Yoga training will change your back for good – it will reduces pain and increases flexibility as it balanced the upper body and core muscles.FY_lena

If you suffer from pain or stiffness in your back, neck or shoulders due to stress at work or from constantly holding your kids, then come try the new and effective Aerial Yoga accessory for achieving a healthy spine that can help you get rid of your back pain once and for all.

Medical Statistics say that two out of every three people suffer from chronic back pain at some point in their lives.

Some of the reasons for back problems may include:

Lack of flexibility in the shoulders, back muscles, hips, and legs, which can lead to injuries and chronic pain. How does this happen? Working at a computer all day, driving to work, lifting heavy objects, and carrying children in your arms all contribute to what is known as a stiff spine.

People with a stiff spine are 8x more prone to injury than those with a loose spine. This explains why mobility and flexibility are essential for the long-term health of the spine.

Weak core muscles leave your spine unsupported and vulnerable. The abdominal muscles are actually muscles that support the spine, and weakness in these muscles make you more prone to injury. When you strengthen your core muscles, you strengthen your spine – it’s that simple.

Stress and tension on the muscles that support the spine actually act like tight ropes pulling on your vertebrae.

Physical and emotional stress is reflected directly in the upper back, neck, and shoulders as you tighten these muscles in response to increased pressure. When muscles are tense, they compress the vertebrae instead of creating the spaces necessary to elongate the spine, which makes the problem even greater.

Lack of movement in our daily lives means that most of us simply do not bend, move, or twist enough – and you know what they say –“If you don’t use it you lose it”. So when that happens, then the simplest everyday movement such as lifting a box off the floor may cause back pain!

It seems like a fun supplement to yoga, but is that what it is?FY2

When I was first introduced to Aerial Yoga I just thought it was a more enjoyable form of yoga. And since I like to change things up and keep my classes exciting, I decided to go for it. But in all honesty, after less than ten minutes I realized that it is much more than just “more fun”. It is absolutely amazing!

The truth is, dozens of things can cause back pain, but the physical reality almost always points to the same cause.  There’s some kind of compression, stenosis, or pinched nerve.

So you can get a massage, go for a sauna, or apply dozens of ointments, but nothing compares to a simple decompression therapy treatment.

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What is decompression therapy or traction?

Traction is a term used by orthopedic doctors and chiropractors to describe any treatment that pulls or elongates the spinal vertebral column in an effort to create space between the vertebrae (as opposed to compressing them together).

Refer to the illustration on this page.

A healthy spine contains solid disc tissue that facilitates flexibility and full range of motion. This may happen in a perfect world, but after sitting all day in the car or office; after using only 20% of the mobility potential of the spine; or after years of poor posture caused by wearing high heels, it is very likely that some of your discs will not be in the best condition.

I find that aside for the practice of Aerial/FLYoga being fun, it also allows me to stretch my muscles in ways that cannot be done on a mat.traction

The perfect combination of Yoga Therapy & Aerial Yoga allows you to work on the following three areas:

Stretching (Traction) – With Aerial Yoga, stretching can be performed in the most natural way – by using your own body weight. This is the safest and most effective form of traction.

Back and Core Strengthening – Deep and dynamic strengthening of the back and core muscles. There is nothing that compares to this kind of resistance training.

Flexibility – To simply hang backwards, grab your ankles and relax…this is the safest, deepest, backwards bend I’ve ever done without any help (and without any pain). You will be able to gain flexibility without much effort.

Not only is it fun but it is also safe and effective to go deep into an asana. We both know we can take medication or go for a massage to get rid of pain for a limited time, but this is clearly unnatural and it is certainly not effective in the long run. The healthy solution is to take responsibility for your body by strengthening your body, stretching and increasing your flexibility. Only then will you be able to truly forget about the pain.

If you have already tried yoga and thought it was boring or if you’ve never tried it because you thought it was not for you, then take responsibility for your body, sign up on SiRA and   stretch, fly, release your fears and most of all, have fun with our Aerial Yoga workouts.

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