Become an Instructor

As a SiRA instructor you earn money by making people’s lives better, sharing your knowledge and beliefs.

If you want to make a change in the world and make money doing so, becoming a SiRA Instructor is a path to make that happen.

SiRA allows you to reach millions of people and to spread a healthy message through ambassadors around the world.

Do it! Inspire people to bring the change to the world.

imagine becoming trainer at sira bring the change project


Becoming a recognized expert and trainer that communicates knowledge and beliefs worldwide.


We will assist you in creating your own training materials to spread your word.

Bring the Change

Bring the change of a better and healthier life to millions of people worldwide through the SiRA platform and ambassadors.


Earn money and build your personal brand, all while helping others improve the lives of people in their communities and within their families.


SiRA ambassadors

The fastest and most efficient way to spread your knowledge is by getting access to SiRA’s ambassadors that are looking to bring the change of a better and healthier life with same-minded people.

Shared success

we at SiRA are committed to your success. We will help you create your training materials and will promote you at no cost. We don’t’ charge anything until you start earning money.


Choose the topics, knowledge and beliefs you want to deliver. You can go for any topic that will improve peoples life and health.