Bring the Fly Yoga change to your Business

As an owner of small business like a Pilates, Yoga, gym or dance studio you can fill your classes and increase your revenue by providing your customers with new Fly Yoga activity

SiRA is an educational platform that allows you to increase your revenue without any prior yoga experience. With our novel educational approach, you can start teaching your first Fly Yoga Kids class immediately.

SiRA Fly Yoga is the practice of yoga incorporating a hammock, that combines all the benefits of yoga while making the activity endless fun. Kids and Adults absolutely love it!

Why should you bring this change to your business?

  • Are you looking to increase your revenue?
  • Are you looking to differentiate your business with classes that your competitors don’t have?
  • Are you looking to provide your customers with additional complementary activities?
  • Do you have non-active hours in your business?
  • Are your loyal customers asking you to deliver a new activity?
  • Is it difficult to find reliable FlYoga trainers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have your solution!

No excuses!

It’s in your power to bring this change to your business and increase your revenue.

Just signup for SiRA and you’ll be able to deliver this unique FlYoga activity to your customers, without the need for long, demanding and costly training.

What do you get?

You get all the materials needed to deliver the class. It’s not necessary to memorize anything as you will also get a cheat sheet, to place in front of you during the class.

Exercise videos with detailed explanations

Detailed plan and cheat sheet to use during the activity

Tips and tricks on how to manage a group of kids

Everything is planned and structured in such a way that you don’t need prior experience in yoga to be able to teach the class.

How it works? – 4 steps

Sign Up for Free – get immediate FREE access to all you need to start a session in a half an hour

Review the instructions – check the activity plan, cheat sheet, exercise videos and tips

Enjoy FlYoga – start the FlYoga activity using the provided cheat sheet and instructions

Unlock SiRA FlYoga program – subscribe to get unlimited access to the annual FlYoga program and bring the change to people around you.