Unlock Your Fly Yoga Journey

Choose the plan that better fits your needs and never plan Fly Yoga lesson again. You will get access to everything you need to deliver Fly Yoga lesson. Bring the change of SiRA Fly Yoga to your business, contribute to your community or start flying with your kids.

After purchasing this program, you will get:

  • Immediate access via My Account page
  • 26 lesson plans (we keep adding and 30 will be available soon)
  • Cheat sheets for every lesson
  • Workshop plans – Parents&Kids, Birthday Party
  • Over 150 exercise explanation videos (we keep adding)
  • Lifetime access to all Fly Yoga Kids information
* This is a Limited Time Offer for early-bird signup, since we don’t have all year-round lessons ready online yet.

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

Teachers around the world see amazing results with my SiRA Aerial Yoga for Kids program.

But if you try to teach aerial yoga for kids, talk to studios or try to open your own classes and don’t see that kids absolutely love your classes or don’t feel like this training has helped you stand out from the crowd of teachers within 3 months, I’ll refund your money.

Just like any goal you have, you won't automatically reach it without doing the work to get there. You just need to send me proof that you actually did the work and I'll be happy to refund you.

What Happens After You Order

Click the Add to Cart button and you’ll be taken to a Secure Order Page.
Complete your Order and you’ll get an Email with your Login and Password
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It’s not just Aerial Yoga Kids course – It’s a year-round training program based on the new way of studying.

In a traditional way of Yoga studies you attend a class for few days to learn Aerial Yoga exercises or maybe take an online course with few hours of videos presenting the exercises or maybe even a full one hour class. You are so excited during the course and probably get a certificate that you are Aerial Yoga teacher now.

But after a week you don’t remember how exactly all the exercises should be performed and you probably have no idea what do to on the 5th lessons… the same 10-20 exercises again?

SiRA Fly Yoga uses completely different approach – micro-learning, adopted by leading-edge schools and companies. Micro-learning is the ultimate solution for creating or growing your Aerial Yoga business in a practical way. By engaging in a weekly bite-sized learning and actions you will deliver varied enjoyable sessions with minimum effort.

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