Here are some helpful techniques that you can do in just 15 minutes a day!


These exercises based on yoga asanas are very effective for back pain because they are natural to our body. Every morning, when we wake up, we naturally want to stretch. We’ve unconsciously received these commands in order to ease our backs and relieve tension from it. If you live an inactive lifestyle, or sit for many hours in front of the computer in one position, or suffer from chronic low back pain, then this set of asanas will provide great relief for your back problems. Don’t procrastinate, just set aside 15 minutes a day and start improving your health right now!

  1. Lie on your back and place a rolled up pillow beneath your shoulder blades. Put your feet together, and let your knees fall to the sides. Breathe quietly. Maintain this position for a few minutes.

back pain asana

  1. Sit on your heels, hugging a pillow with your hands and knees. Take 10-20 breaths to relax with your head tilted to one side. Turn your head to the opposite side and repeat.

back pain asana

  1. Without using a pillow, lower your pelvis toward your heels, and place your forehead on the floor. Stretch your arms forward and a bit to the side, slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. You should now feel the stretch at the sides of your body and in your shoulders. Take a deep breath and gently crawl to the opposite side. Repeat stretch.

back pain asana

  1. Get onto your hands and knees. As you breath in, arch your back, contract your abdominal muscles inward, and bring your chin towards your chest. Doesn’t this remind you of a cat? Cats know how to stretch!


  1. As you inhale, curve your back, lift your tailbone, and look down. Then, exhale, and return to the first cat position with an arched back. Arch and curve 10 times.

back pain asana


  1. Get back on your hands and knees. Place one hand underneath the other hand. Here we are resting our shoulder, placing the side of the head on the floor with the palm of the hand used for stabilization. You should feel a stretch in your shoulder. Repeat with the opposite hand.


  1. Stretch your arms out on a pillow while on your hands and knees. Next, lower your pelvis toward your heels until you feel the stretch in the area of your chest.

back pain asana


  1. While sitting on a pillow, interlock your fingers and raise your arms with your palms facing upward. Lengthen your spine as you contract your abdominal muscles inward.

back pain asana

  1. Remaining in the previous position, face your palms forward while curving your back. Look down. You should be feeling the stretch between your shoulder blades.

back pain asana

  1. Interlock your fingers behind you back. Gently straighten your back as you move your arms slightly backwards and upwards.

back pain asana

  1. Lie on your back with a pillow below your knees and relax your body completely for 5 minutes.

back pain asana 11

These simple techniques release built up tension in the lower back, and create motility in the hip area. These exercises will help you feel like a new person after sitting in the same position for long hours. Back problems are all too common these days.

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