“Adolescence is a terrible time. It is a time in which your rights as a child are taken away from you while your childhood obligations are still maintained. You are given the responsibilities of an adult, yet you are never given his rights.” (Unknown Author)

So, tell your daughter to invite a friend along and experience a brand new adventure – FLYoga Teens.

Adolescence is one of the most challenging times in a young woman’s life. While it can be a time filled with romance and excitement, it is also a complex time in her development. It is a time that will significantly impact her adult life both by the mistakes she makes during adolescence as well as the positive skills and abilities she acquires during that stage.

At this age, girls experience a character development crisis, which usually lasts much longer than any other troublesome phase. Their body grows and develops in a very active way during this time. They must endure physiological and hormonal changes as well as emotional and psychological ones. This period in their lives usually involves clashes between them and their parents together with escalating academic demands, all this happens while they are simply trying to position themselves within their social circles, attain love and attempt to understand who they actually are.

In addition to all of this, one critical problem characteristic of this age group is a lack of physical exercise. In a typical day, the girl sits at her desk at school. She then comes home, sits down and does her homework on the couch or bed in a semi-reclining position. She then goes on to sit by the computer or TV, to sit some more. These habits contribute to bad posture, curvature of the spinal column, and weakening of the muscles, which form the basis of a slew of health problems as early as the beginning of adolescence. Oftentimes, teenage girls will bend their backs and slump their shoulders in an unconscious attempt to conceal the growth of their breasts.

Therefore, physical activity and exercise are absolutely critical at this stage, which is why FLYoga Teens is the perfect solution for young women in this age group.

What is Aerial Yoga for Teenage Girls – FLYoga Teens?

FLYoga Teens combines yoga techniques that activate and balance the body with hammock exercises that make this an activity of never ending fun!

In a typical FLYoga Teens session, the girls receive the tools and develop habits of yoga therapy that help build a good posture and a healthy back. Along with that, they also gain a sense of tranquility and inner balance that will accompany them for the rest of their adult lives.

If you are yoga teacher Aerial Yoga for Teens helps you to fill your classes.

So, tell your daughter to invite a friend along and experience a brand new adventure – FLYoga Teens.

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How is FLYoga Teens Beneficial to Adolescent Girls?

  • Yoga asanas help the body develop. They increase the young woman’s strength and flexibility and allows for better control of the body.
  • Along with the development of the body comes the improvement of attentiveness, concentration, and awareness that positively influences the daily learning activities of young adults.
  • The practice of Aerial Yoga is dynamic, challenging and just plain fun. It helps prevent excessive boredom – a phenomenon so prevalent among girls this age.
  • The girls experiment with new movements that contribute to the development of brain plasticity.
  • The practice is carried out with an emphasis on proper breathing
  • It teaches breathing techniques suitable for teens which help improve concentration and self-control
  • It teaches relaxation techniques which help deal with stress
  • A non-competitive environment typical of yoga classes is the best and safest atmosphere for the development of the girl’s maturing character.
  • We do inversions which help elongate the spine, benefitting its growth and development
  • We learn positive thinking and how to find the uniqueness of each individual. We also learn self-acceptance
  • We learn coordination and body awareness

All this and more is awaiting the girls at FLYoga Teens.

Aerial Yoga for teenage girls can gently support the regulation of the hormonal system, improve metabolism, correctly develop the musculoskeletal system, improve blood flow and contribute to the shaping of a beautifully proportioned body that so greatly occupies the minds of so many girls at this stage in their lives.

We look forward to having all those interested in the development of their body and soul – girls who want to work on correcting their posture and improving flexibility.

A proper posture and a healthy body and mind are important elements in the development of every teenager’s self-esteem. These positive practices will accompany her in achieving her life goals and have a positive impact on her life as an adult.

So grab a hammock and experience the magic of Aerial Yoga!

We look forward to seeing your daughter on a hammock in a FLYoga class at SiRA.

Give your children a chance to partake in this new and thrilling experience!

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