It’s very important to understand that money is not just a piece of paper with numbers on it. Money is energy!  When you teach a yoga class, when you spread love, light, and yoga values, you give your energy to other people. In order for you to continue doing this for the long run, you must also receive energy back. 

 In one of the yoga teachers’ groups, an accountant wanted to help the teachers and offered to give lectures about financial questions they had. So he asked what topics the teachers were interested in learning. The number one issue that came up was – how to be in a giving state while asking for money for your services. This accountant was probably thinking of talking about profit and loss expense recognition and was probably shocked by the topic that came up because he didn’t really know what to say.

So now I’m going to answer this question that concerns a lot of yoga teachers and not only yoga teachers but all service providers – how do you ask for money for the service you provide and keep giving?

Why is this an important question? Because I think we all did not come to teach yoga to become millionaires but because we want to give to other people. Because we believe in what we do, whether it is FLYoga Kids or on-the-mat yoga to adults or any other service. But at the same time, we have families and children, and we need to make a living somehow.

As I already mentioned in the introduction, Lena also did not feel comfortable asking for money for the service. On top of that, parents would send children to the classes alone. So the girl came… and the parents didn’t pay… so what was Lena supposed to do? She is not going to tell the girl – the parents didn’t pay, don’t come in. And when she would call the parents to ask for payment, then she would still hear, “Why don’t you trust me? How dare you even think I won’t pay?”

Therefore, the question of how to ask for money for the service you provide and keep giving is a very important question that I hear a lot.

But actually, this is a wrong question, and we will soon understand why.

But before answering this question, let’s first understand what money is.
What is money? Do you know what money is?
When I ask this question, I usually hear – that money is a means, that money is paper bills, etc.

But it is very important to understand that money is not just a piece of paper with numbers on it. Money is energy! Basically, everything in our world is energy. When you teach a yoga class, when you spread love and light, and yoga values, you give your energy to other people. In order for you to continue doing this for the long run, you must also receive energy back. Otherwise, you will simply be depleted and will not be able to continue for a long time.

You can get the energy back in several forms. For example, you can get energy back in the form of gratitude. You give a lesson, and people come and say thank you. The problem is that we are all used to saying “thank you”. So, when someone says “thank you” we usually don’t feel a huge flow of energy. The reason for this is that “thank you” is not exactly true gratitude but more of a politeness and habit from childhood.
You can get energy from seeing what kind of change the children you teach go through, but it takes time to see the change, and it usually comes gradually, so you can’t always point it out.

However, when people are willing to pay you money for your service, they are willing to give you energy back in the form of money because you helped them. It is important to understand that many people find it very difficult to give their money to someone. It’s hard for them to open a wallet and give it to someone… especially if it’s a service and you don’t give them something physical in return. Therefore, the energy of the money you will receive for solving someone’s problem is much higher than a normal “thank you”. It’s immediate and it will allow you to continue solving their problems by teaching yoga classes and giving them your love and light.
I will repeat it again since it’s a very important point – when you teach a lesson, when you give your all to the children, you spend a lot of energy, and in order to be able to continue giving for a long time, you must receive energy back. And money is one of the most effective ways to get energy back.
Money is not “good or bad,” as many people think. Money is just energy that is a result of what you do. For example, if someone steals money or receives money through some kind of fraud, for example, the energy will not be the best. But, when you give of yourself to people, when you help people solve a problem they have, you receive the money with good energy.
Getting paid a lot of money is not bad. On the contrary, the more money you receive means, the more people you help, and it means that you succeeded in giving.
Again – an important point – when someone opens a wallet and pays you for your service, it’s because you helped them to solve a problem… therefore getting a lot of money means that you’ve helped a lot of people. Getting a lot of money from one customer means the value you give them is huge.

I mean, you must understand that in order to be able to give (be in a giving state), you must be whole and be in a comfortable place. You must charge money!

Always remember that if you don’t take money, then you won’t be able to provide good services to others because your heart will always be busy with everyday life difficulties. We live in a modern world where we all have to deal with our day-to-day issues. So there are those who say they don’t need much… live modestly but still you have to have money. And beyond buying necessary things, we need money to recharge our energy so that we have the strength to continue and do everything we think is our purpose. But if your mind is constantly occupied with survival and if you worry about whether you can pay the rent or if your child needs new shoes, you will never be free, and you can help others solve their problems or spread love and light.

Have you ever had a situation where you were driving your car to work or home, and on that very day, all kinds of things were happening, or things were going to happen soon… Thoughts are running, and suddenly, you notice that you have already arrived. Time flies, and you don’t remember the way you got there because your head was somewhere else. Or another example – you are talking to a friend (or a child), and something is bothering you, and thoughts are running in your head and you don’t really hear your friend talking – you are not available for her even though you are there, sitting in front of her.
Exactly the same thing happens with yoga. When you’re bothered by something, you’re not really free to give. You may still be there, teaching a class, but you don’t really give.
How will you feel and what energy will you have when 10 minutes before a class the parent was not willing to pay you or argued about the price? Money is the energy you must get to be able to teach.

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