About half a year ago, in one of the children’s yoga teachers’ groups, I asked: “Why aren’t you interested in teaching FLYoga Kids?”

One of the answers I got was very personal: “Everything you say about your FLYoga Kids and your classes does not sound credible, and I think you are lying”. I was offended and thought that if it’s the way she sees me, maybe I should change the way I talk about FLYoga.

Two weeks ago, it happened again. I had an open class for the teacher training I had just started. My daughter Adi who teaches 2 groups of FLYoga Kids, helps me also with the teacher training.

After the class, Adi told me that one of the participants said to her, probably without knowing that she is my daughter, that I’m a good liar. “Why did you say that?” Adi asked. “Because,” she explained, “Everything can’t be that good. There is no way she has so many sold-out classes and earns that money. There is no way Lena and her husband left corporate jobs on their own and now earn more than in the high-tech companies they have been working.”

So Adi tried to explain that she teaches 2 full groups in my studio and earns exactly as I said. And that she knows, in fact, that we left our corporate jobs because she lives in the same house with us. Still, this woman insisted that there was no way that all this was true. “Because everything can’t be that good.”
Adi couldn’t believe what she had heard.

When Adi told me that sentence, “Because everything can’t be that good.” I finally understood why there are people who, despite my honest attempts to share my knowledge to help other women change their careers and lives, think I’m a liar.

FLYoga Kids Teacher Training - Make a good living by teaching kids to fly

A few years ago, I took a personal development course that talked about different levels in our lives. The first level they called “shit”. Personally, I don’t like that name, but it describes the level well.

At this level, there is a lot of shit happening in people’s lives, and they honestly don’t believe that everything can be fine. That is not happening in their reality. They can’t believe that someone can earn $200 per hour by teaching kids to fly. They believe that you must work nine-to-five and that you must work hard for at least 2 days to earn that money. You can’t convince those people at the shit level that it can happen.

Those people believe that living a shitty life is a norm and everyone has the same shit. So struggling with finances is a norm. So going every day to a work that you hate is a norm. And anything better than their shit and all the pictures of full FLYoga classes of smiling kids on Instagram is just a lie.

You can’t convince those people that they can live differently. You can’t convince them that they can develop and grow by following people who have already succeeded.

Even if suddenly everything comes out great for them, they will do everything they can to get back to the shit level again because it’s their emotionally comfortable place.

Unfortunately, many of us are at the shit level in different areas of our lives. Everything might be great with the finances, but we might be at the shit level with our personal life. Everything might be great in our personal lives, but we might be at the shit level with our health.

I believe anyone can get out of this shit level. The first step is to get the awareness that it is me. I’m at this shit level in that area of my life. Once we become aware and acknowledge the level, we will be able to get the belief that things can be different in our lives.

I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

FLYoga Kids Teacher Training - Make a good living by teaching kids to fly