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Get one of my most successful Aerial Yoga sessions the Parents & Kids Fly Yoga Workshop!

This workshop is for current Aerial Yoga teachers who want to attract new clients by adding a new service to their studio, or for certified yoga instructors who are looking for a way to begin teaching yoga to parents and kids.

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Do you already teach aerial yoga classes?

This workshop is a good opportunity to tighten the bond with your existing customers and to attract new students by introducing aerial yoga to an entirely new group of clients.

If you teach aerial yoga to adults, this workshop will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Sell a unique one time workshop to your current clients who are parents, and their kids
  • Expose a new audience, including kids, teens and adults, to your aerial yoga classes
  • Increase your revenue by acquiring new customers, kids, teens and adults, who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to aerial yoga

Are you unsure of how to start teaching aerial yoga?

This workshop can be a foundation for Aerial Yoga teaching. It’s an introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga for kids and adults, and offers an easy, practical way to begin teaching aerial yoga clases.

If you are considering teaching Aerial Yoga this workshop will benefit you in the following ways:

  • With no long-term commitment required, experience Aerial Yoga, and see if it appeals to you
  • Differentiate your yoga offerings as an instructor. Do you teach the same yoga classes as everyone else, or a “Fun Family Experiential Activity?”
  • Gain confidence by improving your teaching skills
  • Experience teaching kids yoga in a safe environment, with their parents while having fun

Look at the Happy Faces of Kids and Parents during the workshop

Don’t you want your customers to have the same fun?

What is the Parents & Kids Fly Yoga Workshop?

The Parents & Kids Fly Yoga Workshop is an introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga for children and parents. It’s an opportunity to experience an intimate and exciting activity with your boy or girl, while enjoying the wonderful sense of hovering, fun and freedom.

Together with their parents, children will experience a set of basic exercises on the mat and in the hammock to get a taste of a typical Fly Yoga class. Some exercises are done in partnership to promote a sense of mutual connection and to encourage communication between the parent and the child. The theme of this workshop is the birth of a child. Remembering the birth process creates a close and emotional connection between the parent and the child.

This workshop can be delivered to the participants of the year-round Fly Yoga Kids program, or as one time activity. By acting as an introduction to Fly Yoga, this workshop promotes enrolment in a year-round Fly Yoga Kids program.

Why Should You Try the Parents & Kids Fly Yoga Workshop?

  • A unique activity. It’s easy for new and existing clients to say yes, when you’re offering a service that nobody else is.
  • What sells better? A regular yoga class, or a Fun Family Experiential Activity?
  • Sell new services. Reach an entirely new demographic, including clients that may otherwise never try an Aerial Yoga class
  • Upsell existing clients, and bring in new ones. This workshop is an opportunity to propose an additional service to your existing customers, and asks them to invite their kids, or their parents, as new customers.
  • Build lifetime memories. Create a unique bound between parents and kids that they will be thankful for, and that encourages them to return.
  • This workshop is a combination of YOGA and FUN
  • This workshop opens the door to Aerial Yoga. Kids, teens and adults who have a great first experience may return for additional Aerial Yoga classes.
  • Increase your revenue by acquiring new customers that wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to Aerial Yoga
  • Begin delivering Parents & Kids Yoga as a one-time workshop without commitment, to get experience for yourself and build excitement for your customers
  • Gain confidence by improving your teaching skills
  • Experience teaching kids yoga in a safe environment, with their parents while having fun

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Thanks a lot, the kids came back in high, enjoyed very much and demonstrated us at the Fly Yoga activity!

We were very impressed by the creative combination of movement within a story. It turns out that even at their age it works fine (:

Thank you very much for a special experience.”

Meital N.

“Fly Yoga with Lena is professionally driven fun-filled class that incorporated traditional yoga poses in movement and with the support of hammocks.  Lena is thoroughly professional and by working in small groups able to support each child. You need to experience a class to believe how challenging, relaxing, strengthening, invigorating and fun Fly Yoga can be. My 11 year daughter is hooked!!!”

Stephanie P.

“Thank you, dear Lena. It is amazing to see how much confidence this Fly Yoga gives to girls. Not to mention happiness and joy everybody experience. Aviv is really waiting for this class all week! She really love Fly Yoga! A big hug.”

Eyal A

I want to thank you Lena for this very special class! ?. My daughter is 5 years old at the children’s lesson and there is no one happier than she is … Not only is Micka getting stronger and her posture is good and confident … she is coming back with energy for the whole week! … In the lesson there is a combination of lots of movement and liberation, a side to peace and quiet that couldn’t find in any other kids class. And the most fun part was experiencing it myself on Family Day. We came the whole family that was a father and another sister … We found ourselves flying! Literally … Lena … Thank you for your patience with the children, the adventure and the weekly experience

Sevan B.

“For a year my daughter flew in Fly Yoga classes. Her fear of climbing or rocking had dissipated and with her a great love for yoga was born in constant motion.

And Lena-what can I say? Lena is simply a gift that is all joy and pleasure. My Maayan loves her.

The Fly Yoga classes are very highly recommended.”

Einat K.

“Lena’s SiRA Fly Yoga is one of the pleasures of this life  also flying in the air (completely super power I would choose for myself), also feels like a child again and, on the way, strengthens the muscles and the dynamic balance. Really fun!”

Maya G.

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