Aerial Yoga Birthday Party Workshop

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The Fly Yoga Birthday Party is the best way to celebrate a birthday and to expose children to Aerial Yoga. This is one and a half hour workshop that should be used as part of 2 hours birthday party. Fly Yoga Birthday Party will become an unforgettable experience in which children met with a world of yoga in an experiential and fascinating way while hovering! The workshop puts the boy / girl at the center of the adventure of birth, growth and birthday while combining yoga poses with hammock, games and story.

Fly Yoga Birthday Party  allows the kid to stand out by celebrating birthday in a unique way. The party will be a great boost to any child’s self-esteem. The birthday child will enjoy to be at the center, receiving greetings and ‘’lighting’’ others and together with all kids will experience yoga and movement in a fun way. Making them feel like queens (or kings) for the day is one of the best (and most lasting) gifts you can give them. The birthday party workshop will allow the kids to experience Aerial Yoga and to connect to their body in a creative way that is suitable for them.

What to expect from Aerial Yoga Party?

  • FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
  • Lots of laughing and flying
  • We’ll dance in the hammock
  • We’ll be flying painters
  • We will light candles with the help of a Tibetan bowl
  • We will take small moments of quiet and relaxation in the hammock
  • And of course we will not forget to congratulate the birthday girl/boy
  • Guaranteed enjoyment from a wonderful sense of levitation, fun and freedom!

For you, as an instructor, the Fly Yoga Birthdays party workshop is an opportunity to expose aerial yoga and your studio to an audience that might not come to yoga class otherwise, due to prejudices or any other reason. I see so many kids that come to the workshop just because it’s their friends birthday party and continue to year-round classes because they loved it. I see so many parents that bring their kids to the party and discover a world of aerial yoga they didn’t know exist. Therefore, keep in mind that all the attendees are your potential customers  and don’t forget to distribute your flyer at the end of the party.

When buying the workshop you will get:

  • Detailed workshop plan PDF file – 35 pages each with tips tricks and recommendations
  • Detailed explanation on what and how need to be prepared, illustrations, pictures from real birthday workshops
  • Cheat sheet two page PDF files – to be used during the lesson by the teacher
  • Videos for each Aerial yoga and warm up exercise that can be accessed in the My Account area of the website

To see examples of our lesson plans, please download the free lesson plans in My Account.

You can watch over 150 SiRA Aerial Yoga exercises videos on My Account page!


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