Parents & Kids Fly Yoga Workshop

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The Parents & Kids Fly Yoga workshop is an introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga for children and parents. This is one and a half hour workshop that both parents and kids performing exercises as a couple.

This workshop can be delivered to the participants of the year-round Fly Yoga Kids program, or to your adult students that would like to introduce yoga to their kids or as one time family activity. By acting as an introduction to Fly Yoga, this workshop can promote enrolment in a year-round Fly Yoga Kids program. If you still don’t teach aerial yoga, this workshop may be a good start for you to experience one time teaching of aerial yoga without the commitment for more lessons and to see the reaction of both parents and kids.

For the parents it’s a unique opportunity to experience an intimate and exciting activity with their boy or girl, while enjoying the wonderful sense of hovering, fun and freedom.

What will happen in this workshop?

Together with their parents, children will experience a set of basic exercises on the mat and in the hammock to get a taste of a typical Fly Yoga class. Some exercises are done in partnership to promote a sense of mutual connection and to encourage communication between the parent and child. The theme of this workshop is the birth of a child. Remembering the birth process creates a close and emotional connection between the parent and the child.

When buying the workshop you will get:

  • Detailed workshop plan PDF file – 30 pages each with tips tricks and recommendations
  • Cheat sheet one page PDF files – to be used during the lesson by the teacher
  • Videos for each Aerial yoga and warm up exercise that can be accessed in the My Account area of the website
  • Examples of social media slogans that can be used to start promoting the workshop on Facebook and Instagram.

To see examples of our lesson plans, please download the free lesson plans in My Account.

You can watch over 100 SiRA Aerial Yoga exercises videos on My Account page!


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