Aerial Yoga Exercise Video Tutorials

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Do you teach or practice Aerial Yoga and want to learn more awesome exercises to make it even more fun? The Premium Exercise Video Tutorials package is the best way to take your Aerial Yoga practice to a next level. It includes access to over 150 basic to advanced aerial yoga video tutorials.

Each video shows step-by-step, with written explanation, how to perform the exercise in most effective, fun and safest way.

Anyone can do aerial yoga with the right guidance!

You don’t have to be an acrobats to enjoy aerial yoga. The exercises are adjusted to different level of yogis. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced aerialist, adult or child, already fit or just starting to get into the shape, you will be able learn, love and enjoy aerial yoga.

The video tutorials include exercises with the hammock, exercises in pairs for couples or parents & kids activities and warm up exercises on mat.

The huge variety of exercises allows to work on stretching and strengthening almost any muscle in your body, making it very effective yoga practice. With those video tutorials you will be able to have fun (on your own or in couples), work on your body and mind.

When buying the tutorials you will get immediate access to over 150 videos on My Account page!


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