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SiRA Fly Yoga Premium Yearly Program provides you with all the necessary content to deliver Aerial Yoga Kids all year round. The year round program has been built to start with the basics of aerial yoga and to teach the kids up to very advance level of aerial yoga exercise. Each lesson teaches new skills on top of the previous lesson and prepares the kids for the more advance exercises in the next session.What you will get as part of SiRA Fly Yoga Premium Yearly Program:

  • Year-round Lesson Plans – 30 lesson plans with illustrated detailed explanations of each exercise and the flows. Everything is ready and explained in details – just schedule a session and start delivering Fly Yoga Kids.
  • Videos for All Lessons – over 150 exercise explanation videos. Each video explains the exercises step-by-step and with tips on how to perform the exercise safely.
  • Cheat-sheets for All Lessons – Cheat sheet is a small piece of paper that you can print and use during the class so, you don’t have to memorize anything. You will always be able to see what to do next with illustration and highlights.
  • Tips and Tricks – Each lesson plan includes tips and tricks on how to manage group of kids, how to assist kids that have difficulty with advance exercises
  • Workshop and Party Plans  – In addition to the year round program lessons you will receive additional workshop session plans. This will include “Birthday Party” workshop plan,  “Parents and Kids” workshop plan and much more. Those workshops allow to start delivering Aerial Yoga even if you don’t have full classes yet to see how it will work for you. These workshops also can be proposed to your existing customers as an additional experience and can create additional income for you.

After purchasing this program you will get immediate access via My Account page to all the lesson plans, cheat sheets, workshops and videos available for Aerial Yoga Kids program.

To see examples of our lesson plans, please download the free lesson plans in My Account.

You can watch over 150 SiRA Aerial Yoga exercises videos on My Account page!


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