Bow Pose with Hammock – exercise #105

Bow Pose with Hammock (exercise #105) SiRA Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga.

Bow Pose with Hammock Fly Yoga exercise is part of the hammock exercises in Fly Yoga program.

Highlights: • Stand behind the hammock • Stretch the far side of the fabric away from you • Bring one knee onto the hammock • Lie face down while straightening the leg • The hammock should support the body from just under the shoulders, to just above the knees • Bend the knees and reach the arms back, outside of the hammock • Grab the tops of the feet or the ankles • With your gaze up, press the feet into the hands to extend the arms long • Open the chest • Hold for 3-5 breaths • To release, slowly let go of the feet with the hands • Roll over on the back • Grab the straps with both hands and sit up Benefits: • Stretches the shoulders • Opens the chest • Offers a backbend • Stretches the thighs