Crunches with Hammock – exercise #176

Crunches with Hammock (exercise #176) SiRA Aerial Yoga or Fly Yoga.
Crunches with Hammock Aerial Yoga exercise is part of the hammock exercises in Aerial Yoga program.

• Begin seated in a hammock with knees bent, feet flat on the mat and the hammock fabric wide under your seat
• Grab hold of the sides of the hammock
• Lean back and lift both feet from the mat, reaching the feet skyward
• Take the legs wide and wrap knees and feet around the hammock sides to hold
• When stable, release the crown of your head to the mat
• Release the arms to the mat in front of your face with palms face up
• Use core strength to round and crunch up, grabbing the sides of the hammock for a final pull into a ball shape
• Repeat 3-5 times
• On the final set, hold at the top for a count of 3-5 breaths
• To release, grab hold of the sides of the hammock and unwind the legs from the bind
• Reach the feet back to the mat as you pull your torso back to upright

• Strengthens the core
• Increases spinal flexibility
• Requires trust and confidence
• Offers a fun, strengthening inversion


Disclaimer: Please don’t try any Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga exercises without understanding detailed instructions that can be found on our website. Please hold the hammock with both hands were appropriate and never release your hands if not feeling safely and not according to the instructions. You will be responsible that everybody in your class is doing it correctly and SiRA will not have any responsibility whatsoever.