Spinning Top on Mat – exercise #82

Dreidel on Mat (exercise #82) SiRA Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga.

Dreidel on Mat Fly Yoga exercise is part of the warm up mat exercises in Fly Yoga program.

Highlights: • Sit on your mat with legs crossed, left over right • Unwind just the left leg and take the left heel behind you, the left knee fully bent • The sole of your right foot will touch to your left thigh • Grab your right ankle with your right hand • Grab your left ankle with your left hand • Lift your left leg and reach it back further, moving the knee and left thigh away from the right foot • Lift your right leg to bring the sole of the right foot to the left thigh again • Continue with a left leg lift, right leg lift, until you make a complete circle on your mat • Repeat in the opposite direction by beginning with legs crossed – right on top of left Benefits: • Stretches the thighs • Requires balance • Is a fun, on-the-mat drill