Fish Pose with Hammock – exercise #177

Fish Pose with Hammock (exercise #177) SiRA Aerial Yoga or Fly Yoga.
Fish Pose with Hammock Aerial Yoga exercise is part of the hammock exercises in Aerial Yoga program.

• Begin seated cross-legged in front of a low hammock
• Reach the arms back through the hammock and gather the fabric up under the armpits, across the low back
• Grab the sides of the hammock at shoulder height in front you
• Uncross the legs and lean back as you lift the hips by pressing the soles of the feet into the floor
• Bring both hands to the mat underneath the hips with palms face down, one hand on top of the other
• Let your arms bend as you bring elbows to the mat
• Slowly extend both legs forward and point the toes
• Release the head back
• The hammock will support the lift of the chest as you hold for 3-5 breaths
• To release, lift the head by drawing the chin toward the chest
• Lift the hips by pressing down through the feet and hands
• Reach hands to the hammock to pull yourself back up to sitting cross-legged

• Opens the chest and shoulders
• A supported backbend
• Increases spinal flexibility


Disclaimer: Please don’t try any Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga exercises without understanding detailed instructions that can be found on our website. Please hold the hammock with both hands were appropriate and never release your hands if not feeling safely and not according to the instructions. You will be responsible that everybody in your class is doing it correctly and SiRA will not have any responsibility whatsoever.