Lesson 10: Fan

What is this lesson about?

In this lesson we will introduce new Fan exercises on a mat and in the hammock. The Fan exercises are focusing on strengthening of the spine and the muscles of the back. They also work on the legs, stretching the shoulders, the spine and the hamstrings. We will continue the set of bird exercises with new Flying bird that is an advance exercise working on the dynamic balance and opening the chest to prevent kyphosis.
We will continue to exercise belly breathing, this time in sitting position with the use of our imagination. We also will learn new advance Dreidel exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles, develops balance and coordination.
In this lesson for the first time we are going to experience the Progressive Muscle Relaxation. The technique works by tensing and then relaxing different parts and muscles in our body. The kids will learn the difference between feeling relaxed and being tense. The kids will get a tool that will allow them to relax when they are feeling anxious or stressed.


  • Introduce Fan exercises
  • Continue with a set of Bird exercises
  • Continue exercise belly breathing Working on foundation pose for all forward bends
  • Experience the Progressive Muscle Relaxation


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tibetan bowl, scarf or fabric, crystal
  • Relaxing background music

* All accessories are optional.


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