Lesson 11: Stork 

What is this lesson about?

In this lesson we will introduce new Stork exercises on a mat and in the hammock. The Stork exercises are focusing on a balance. With stork exercises we will learn how to improve your balance using single point of focus and how to balance during the movement. We will strengthen legs, back and core as well as stretching the shoulders, the spine and the hamstrings. That allows improving range of the movement in the kid’s day-to-day life.
The set of Dog in the Air exercises that we have started in previous lessons will continue to develop upper body, core strength and stretch the back muscles.
In this lesson we will continue with relaxation techniques, starting with Progressive Muscle Relaxation that we have learn in the previous lesson. We will also learn a powerful Yoga Therapy Raindrops Technique I have learned from Dr. Gil Zolberg. Raindrops technique allows locating and releasing the stress points in the body helps to relieve tension and have a positive influence on both, body and mind. This powerful yet simple technique can also be a game that the kids will paly at home with their family members.


  • Introduce Stork exercises
  • Introduce Therapy Raindrops Technique through a game
  • Continue with a set of Dog in the Air exercises
  • Experience the Progressive Muscle Relaxation


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tibetan bowl, scarf or fabric, crystal
  • Relaxing background music

* All accessories are optional.


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