Lesson 12: Stork 2

What is this lesson about?

In this lesson we will introduce new Stork exercises on a mat and in the hammock. The Stork exercises are focusing on a balance. With stork exercises we will continue improving our balance using single point of focus and during the movement. We will continue developing improvisation as we did in the previous lessons, this time with Improvised Stork with hammock.
For the first time we will try to do the full Star exercise. The Star is probably most known aerial yoga exercise, but not so simple to perform. That is why we gradually have prepared the kids to this exercise in the previous lessons. Being upside down in star exercise, supported by the hammock, is a little bit like being in traction—it can help lengthen your ligaments, relax your muscles, and decompress your spine.
We will have some fun with Slide with hammock exercise that kids love so much, and which develops balance and coordination. In this lesson we will continue with relaxation techniques, including the Progressive Muscle Relaxation and the Therapy Raindrops Technique
Please pay attention to the comments and the tips!! Some exercises will be done with ALL kids together, to get a more cohesive class and hopefully to feel that we are all one.


  • Introduce new Stork exercises
  • Continue exercise Therapy Raindrops Technique through a game
  • Working on inversion pose
  • Experience the Progressive Muscle Relaxation


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tibetan bowl, scarf or fabric, crystal
  • Relaxing background music

* All accessories are optional.


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Exercise Videos: