Lesson 15: Candle & Dreidel 2

What is this lesson about?

This is the second lessons with Candle & Dreidel theme. We will repeat some of the basic Candle & Dreidel exercises to let them feel comfortable with their progress and to remind the kids previous lesson before Dreidel improvisation exercises. As we talked in the past, improvisation empowers the kids and allows them to be a teacher and to instruct others.

We will introduce the Warrior II – Virabhadrasana II exercise. In addition to the physical benefits of the pose, such as strengthening the legs and arms, and opening the chest and shoulders, the Warrior II exercise has a very strong mental effect on kids.  The pose creates a sense of strength, courage, and self-confidence, especially when done with positive affirmations. We will deep dive into Warrior poses in the next lesson. We will do stretching in Vajrasana pose and  learn new variations for shoulderstand.

On the mental part we will continues exercising Flower and Candle Breathing relaxation due to its great relaxation effect an playfulness. This time we well do it in more advance version, holding the breath for a count of ten. Also we will start exercising positive feedback and complement skills. This ability of complementing friends not only empowers other by also makes the kid feel great by itself. We, as adults, sometime have difficulty with complementing others but this skill can be learned and developed.


  • Introduce  Warrior II exercises
  • Continue with a set of Candle & Dreidel exercises
  • Improvisation activities
  • Work on stretching in Vajrasana
  • Experience the Flower and Candle breathing exercise
  • A Loving-Kindness Meditation Practice


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tibetan bowl, scarf or fabric, crystal*, candle
  • Relaxing background music

* All accessories are optional.


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