Lesson 16: Warrior

What is this lesson about?

This lesson will deep dive into the set of Warrior poses. In the previous lesson the kids already had an opportunity to experience the empowering effect of the Warrior II pose. This time the set of warrior poses will be the lesson theme and will work on strengthening the legs and arms, and opening the chest and shoulders. But even more important, the set of Warrior exercises will creates a sense of strength, courage, and self-confidence, especially when done with positive affirmations.

Since some of the exercise in the previous lesson are very advanced, such as Candle in the Air, we will continue practicing those also this time to let the kids feel more comfortable and to allow them to experience the progress.

We will continue encouraging kids to think positively but this time we will also incorporate sad moments. Both happy and sad moments are inevitable part of life. We need to teach the kids to look, identify and celebrate the happy moments. But also we shouldn’t deprive our kids a chance to experience sad moments and learn how to navigate unpleasant emotions and move on.

The positive thinking will be complemented with Positive/Negative breathing technique. This technique is very useful in stress relief especially for small kids, since this is a concept that appeal to what they can understand. The kids like the idea of bringing in positive energy while breathing out the negative energy and the technique is simple enough that they can do it anywhere.

We will summary the lesson using yoga cube. Gamification of yoga allows kids to have fun and helps them embrace yoga in their life. The repetition of asanas from the previous lessons in the yoga cube game helps kids remember the poses. Allowing the kids to demonstrate asana to others is very empowering.


  • Introduce Warrior II exercises and sequence
  • Continue with a set of Candle & Dreidel exercises
  • Gamification of yoga with cube
  • Experience Positive/Negative breathing technique


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tibetan bowl, scarf or fabric, crystal, game cube*
  • Relaxing background music

* All accessories are optional.


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