Lesson 22: Arbor Day

What is this lesson about?

This Parents & Kids lesson can be delivered as a family day activity or just as a bonus class for the parents. It is also an opportunity to impress the parents with their child’s progress and to experience a mutual activity with the child.

This lesson should be done after preparation with kids lesson 20. It’s important to prepare the kids for this lesson, so they will know what and how to teach and how to do the exercises in pairs. That will allow the kids to feel more confident exercising with the parents and you will have a better flowing class.

The Parents & Kids class is an introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga for the parents. It’s an opportunity for the parents to experience an intimate and exciting activity with their boy or girl, while enjoying the wonderful sense of hovering, fun and freedom. For the kids it’s an opportunity to show of what they have learned during the last half year.

The theme of the Parents & Kids class is birth of a child. Remembering the birth process creates a close and emotional connection between the parent and the child. Some of the exercises in the class will be done in pairs of parent and child, while other exercises will be touch by the kids.

In my regular Aerial Yoga Kids classes the parents do not stay in studio during the session. That is why the kids will be very excited to host the parents in the class, especially after the preparation and anticipation from last week.


  • Introduce Plow and Hovering Butterly exercises
  • Practice “shaking” technique
  • Focus with Tingsha bells sounds 
  • Develops deep and slow breathing  with mind relaxation
  • Stimulating sense of hearing and touch
  • Nature meditation


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tingsha bells, scarf or fabric, crystal
  • A tree branch, almonds, acorn, conifer cone, etc
  • Relaxing background music
    *All accessories are optional.
    *For trees accessories please use anything that is common in your area.


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