Lesson 23: Hovering Butterfly

What is this lesson about?

This lesson will continue doing exercises mostly in a low hammock. As in previous lesson we will learn sets of new exercises, but performing the familiar exercises on a low hammock will create completely new experiences for these poses. We will learn a new set of Butterfly exercises that will be the main theme of this lesson. In addition to being fun, Butterfly exercises work on opening and stretching the hips and the thighs. There will be other new advance exercises like Forward Somersault with low Hammock. The exercises from the previous lessons like plow, turtle, tree and low star will be repeated also in this lesson.

We will start this lesson with getting into focus by listening to Tingsha bells and with the new techniques Bees Buzzing, that we have learned in the previous lesson.  The bells and Bees Buzzing will help the kids to focus and to get in the right mood for yoga class.

After the preparation for headstand we did for few lessons kids 8 years old and older can try the full headstand. For the first time the headstand should be done with instructor assistance. In this lesson plan there is a detailed explanation of how it should be done, complemented with video. The headstand exercise requires focus, stability and control. In addition to the benefits of any inversion pose, headstand builds confidence while strengthens the core and the shoulders.This is an advice exercise and not all kids will be able to do it for the first time. Please encourage, but don’t force them.   

At the end of the lesson we will do Palms to eyes relaxation. Since we spend a lot of time in front of different screens like mobile phones, computers and TV, our eyes get tired. The Palms to eyes relaxation allows to relieve stress around the eyes and when complemented with guided positive thinking is very effective as a general relaxation technique.


  • Introduce Hovering Butterly exercises
  • Start practicing headstand
  • Focus with Tingsha bells and Bees Buzzing 
  • Introduce  Forward Somersault with low Hammock
  • Learn Palms to eyes relaxation


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tingsha bells, scarf or fabric, crystal
  • Relaxing background music
  • *All accessories are optional.


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Exercise Videos: