Lesson 24: Butterfly & Bat 

What is this lesson about?

We will start the lesson with the gratitude exercise. We are going to teach the kids to look, identify and celebrate the happy moments in their life. Gratitude exercise allows to put a spotlight on the happy moments in the kid’s life and develops an ability to identify those moments as a habit. This habit has a very positive impact on the kids general feeling and life.

We are going to repeat most of the exercise from the previous lesson but this time in high hanged hammock. The high hanged hammock changes the entire experience, increases level of difficulty and makes it more challenging.

From the Hovering Butterfly pose we will move to the Sleeping Bat pose. The Sleeping Bat pose is quite advanced, since it requires from the kids to overcome their fears. Folding forward on the hight hanging hammock is scary for many kids. The instructor assistance helps them overcome their fears and the exercise will become one of the most loved.

We will continue working on the advance exercises like Forward and Backward Somersaults and will add additional layer of difficulty for the advance flyers. We will also go on with the long journey of headstand. The headstand exercise requires focus, stability and control. Therefore, even for those who succeed with headstand relatively easy it will take some time to feel confident and in control.

Will continue with Palms to eyes relaxation. Many times I have noticed, that the kids loved this relaxation so much, that many of them repeat it in this lesson even without telling them.  So don’t be surprised if you will see kids palming the yes in other relaxation exercises!

We will sum up the class with Fun Mandala Flow with hands. The mandala with hands exercise develops creativity, concentration and team work, but it’s also fun and beautiful. Kids absolutely love it!


  • Introduce Sleeping Bat exercise
  • Continue practicing headstand
  • Introduce  Butterfly and Somersault with hight hanged Hammock
  • Experience Mandala Flow with hands


  • Open space with yoga mats and hammocks
  • Tingsha bells, scarf or fabric, crystal
  • Relaxing background music

* All accessories are optional.


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