Lizard on a Rock Partner Pose – exercise #81

Lizard on a Rock Partner Pose (exercise #81) SiRA Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga.

Lizard on a Rock Partner Pose Fly Yoga exercise is part of the mat exercises in Fly Yoga program.

Highlights: • Partner 1 (lizard) takes one knee to the floor, with their spine upright • Partner 2 (rock) sits hips to heels on the floor, their back to partner 1’s back • Both partners reach back and link arms at the elbows • Partner 2 slowly rounds forward into a rock shape, drawing Partner 1 into a backbend • Partner 1 may plant both feet to the floor with knees bent, or extend their legs long • The top partner 1 (the lizard) will extend and stretch the legs out long • Partners may unwind their arms, allowing Partner 1 to stretch arms overhead • To release, Partner 1 plants both feet to the floor, under their knees, Partner 2 then slowly rolls up to seated • Repeat with the partners trading places Benefits: • Back bending and chest opening for Partner 1 (lizard) • Back rounding and strengthening for Partner 2 (rock) • Encourages teamwork and communication • Offers a fun, dynamic pose • Lets each partner take turns supporting the other