One leg rolling – exercise #128

One leg rolling (exercise #128) SiRA Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga.
One leg rolling Fly Yoga exercise is part of the hammock exercises in Fly Yoga program.

• Stand behind the hammock
• Grab the sides of the hammock with both hands at shoulder height
• Lift the right leg, bend the knee, place the hammock underneath the right thigh and sit on it
• Lean the body backward
• Allow the arms to extend long
• Engage the core
• Roll the body around in a circle keeping left foot in the place
• Roll 3-5 times in each direction
• Return to standing, release the right foot to the ground
• Repeat with second leg

• Increases range of movement on the hammock
• Requires core engagement
• Stretches the thighs and hamstrings
• Strengthens the standing leg

Disclaimer: Please don’t try any Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga exercises without understanding detailed instructions that can be found on our website. Please hold the hammock with both hands were appropriate and never release your hands if not feeling safely and not according to the instructions. You will be responsible that everybody in your class is doing it correctly and SiRA will not have any responsibility whatsoever.