Parents & Kids Aerial Yoga Home Activity

What is this activity about?

The Parents & Kids Aerial Yoga activity is an introduction to the world of Aerial Yoga for children and parents that they can do at home together. It’s an opportunity to experience an intimate and exciting activity with your boy or girl, while enjoying the wonderful sense of hovering, fun and freedom.

This is a unique activity between parent and child, allows to experience the benefits of yoga therapy while flying in the air!

Together with their parent, child will experience a set of basic exercises on the mat and in the hammock to get a taste of a typical Aerial Yoga class. Some exercises are done in partnership to promote a sense of mutual connection and to encourage communication between the parent and the child. The theme of this workshop is the birth of a child. Remembering the birth process creates a close and emotional connection between the parent and the child.

This may be a surprise, but it’s not just for mothers and daughters! The Parents & Kids Aerial Yoga activity will be also fun for boys and challenging for their fathers. There have even been workshops where “parents and children” took on a new meaning with three generations – boys, mothers and grandmothers. Everyone had a good time – a mother with sons, a grandmother with a grandchild, and a grandmother with her daughter.

This plan includes a lot of exercises that probably can’t be in one session, especially if it’s yours or the kid’s first time doing aerial yoga. Therefore we recommend to start with 15 – 20 minutes sequences that are part of  the activity you have purchased and can be downloaded below.


  • Have FUN with Aerial Yoga
  • Experience close interaction between parent and child
  • Physical activity for parent and child 
  • Experience basic Yoga and Aerial Yoga exercises


  • Open space with yoga mat and hammock
  • Relaxing background music.
  • Tibetan bowl *

* All accessories are optional.


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Exercise Videos: