Partner Massage in Hammock – exercise #141

Partner Massage in Hammock (exercise #141) SiRA Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga.
Partner Massage in Hammock Fly Yoga exercise is part of the hammock exercises in Fly Yoga program.


  • Stand in front of the hammock, facing sideways
  • Place one leg over the hammock
  • Straddle the hammock and spread the fabric wide underneath your seat
  • Take a seat with the hammock fabric wide across the back and shoulders
  • The person in back lifts their feet to massage the back of the person in front of them
  • Encourage experimentation with pushing, stroking, the toes, the ball of the feet or the whole foot
  • The person in front may signal their appreciation with a thumbs up (or their dislike with thumbs down)
  • Continue the massage for 1-2 minutes
  • Stand, turn to face the opposite direction and repeat


  • A relaxing, partner pose
  • Each student can experience giving and receiving
  • Strengthens the bond between partners

Disclaimer: Please don’t try any Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga exercises without understanding detailed instructions that can be found on our website. Please hold the hammock with both hands were appropriate and never release your hands if not feeling safely and not according to the instructions. You will be responsible that everybody in your class is doing it correctly and SiRA will not have any responsibility whatsoever.