Seahorse – exercise #180

Seahorse (exercise #180) SiRA Aerial Yoga or Fly Yoga.
Seahorse Aerial Yoga exercise is part of the hammock exercises in Aerial Yoga program.

• Stand behind a hammock
• Reach both arms and shoulders through the hammock and grab the fabric at armpit height
• Using the strength of the arms and core, lift the feet by bending the knees and wrap both legs around the outside of the hammock
• Step both feet back through the hammock to the backside and bring the legs together
• You’ll end up with the support of the hammock fabric across the shins just below the knees
• Undulate the neck, torso and legs like a seahorse in the ocean as you swing back and forth
• Let the arms relax by your sides
• To release, reach up to grab the sides of the hammock
• Lift both knees to the chest to release the bind
• Return to standing behind the hammock

• A fun, dynamic pose
• Uses the core and stabilising muscles
• Encourages imagination

Disclaimer: Please don’t try any Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga exercises without understanding detailed instructions that can be found on our website. Please hold the hammock with both hands were appropriate and never release your hands if not feeling safely and not according to the instructions. You will be responsible that everybody in your class is doing it correctly and SiRA will not have any responsibility whatsoever.