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What is the SiRA Fly Yoga Program?

The SiRA Fly Yoga Program is an Aerial Yoga for Kids year round program. This program provides yoga teachers with all the needed materials to start delivering aerial yoga to kids immediately. The program includes over 100 exercise explanatory videos, year round illustrated lesson plans and cheat sheets. Kids, teens and adults absolutely love it!


The benefits of partnering with SiRA

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  • Stay ahead of your competition by providing your customers with additional value – over 100 free aerial yoga exercise videos with detailed explanations, free illustrated lesson plans and cheat sheets.
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Aerial Yoga is hot topic right now and many yoga teachers are looking for detailed training materials. The SiRA Fly Yoga Program is the first of its kind and provides the most wide range of aerial yoga videos and lessons plans. The program is also unique, as it the only program that trains yoga teachers to begin delivering aerial yoga classes to kids.

With the SiRA Fly Yoga Program, any yoga teacher will easily be able to fill their classes and create a steady income stream. You’ll profit, while assisting yoga teachers with the creation their own Aerial Yoga business. Everyone wins.

How Does It Work?

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