When I started to practice yoga, and even after completing Yoga Teacher Certification training, I never thought I’d teach yoga to kids and I definitely had no idea about Aerial Yoga. I had a long journey that began with struggling to bring customers to my yoga lessons, moving to yoga for kids and struggling to keep the kids excited about yoga, that is, until I created year-round program Fly Yoga Kids.

Aerial Yoga for Kids changed my life by allowing me to become a proud Yoga teacher. I’m a proud yoga teacher because I’ve made my dream come true – I’m making a decent living by teaching yoga, while creating a new generation of young yogis who are excited and having fun doing yoga together with me.

If you are not yet in Aerial Yoga for Kids, you should consider the SiRA Fly Yoga Kids program that I have created for two main reasons:

Full Yoga Classes

1. Kids are doing yoga and they absolutely love it – even after I chose my niche of yoga for kids, I had a problem with many parents who had prejudices about yoga. They didn’t believe that yoga was suitable for their kids. In spite of the story in each lesson, the kids were not as excited as they are now with Fly Yoga. Today, the parents tell me their kids wait eagerly the entire week for their day of Fly Yoga. 

2. Year-round program – once signed up, the kids continue attending for the program the entire year. Fly Yoga Kids puts an end to the struggle of bringing new customers to each class. SiRA Fly Yoga for Kids is a year-round program. Once a year, in September, I open sign-ups for a year-round program and I’m free from worrying about bringing in new customers during the year. Of course, there are some who decide to leave or want to join, but this is only a small percent of the participants. Most of the kids continue with Fly Yoga through the entire year, and even for 3 years.

3. Sense of fulfillment and contribution from teaching yoga to kids. We all practice and teach yoga not only because it is a great physical activity, but because it is a way of life. Teaching a young generation about the great gift of yoga has given me a great sense of fulfillment. When I see kids improving their posture, becoming stronger and more relaxed, I get a feeling that I’m fulfilling my purpose.

4. Unique niche –  you’ll probably be the only one doing aerial yoga for kids in your area. Aerial yoga is quite a unique niche, even though it has become quite trendy in some areas. While you can learn about aerial yoga on the internet, you likely won’t find many teaching it in your local are. When it comes to Fly Yoga Kids, you will be probably the only one in your area.  That means you will have no direct competition. Since the classes are so visual and fun, you won’t have a problem bringing kids to your classes.

5. Fly Yoga Kids classes usually take place during afternoon hours, are unused time-slot in most of studios. This means you can add more working hours to your studio without affecting the existing lessons. If you don’t have your own studio, it should be quite easy for you to find a space to deliver Fly Yoga Kids classes.

Constant Income Stream

Maybe money is not the most important thing, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady income from what you love to do?

– Since SiRA Fly Yoga is a year-round program, you can charge a monthly payment throughout the year. Those monthly payments create a steady stream of income. You’ll no longer have to worry each month if you will be able to pay your rent or mortgage. The credit card company I’m working with charges the customer automatically each month, so I don’t need to worry about collecting payments any more.

– It’s a great sense of fulfillment to earn a good salary from teaching yoga. You probably won’t become a millionaire from teaching yoga but you can definitely make a decent living out of it. Being able to earn money from what you love to do is the best thing anyone can ask for in this life.

– It’s easy to bring the kids to your classes (acquire new customers). First of all, there will be no direct competition since you will probably be the first to teach Fly Yoga Kids in your area. In addition, since you are approaching a specific niche, it will be very easy to target this niche with your marketing and advertising. Parents are looking for after school activities for their kids, so you can participate in different parenting forums and Facebook groups, and you can advertise locally in family-friendly neighborhoods,  depending on what works best in your community. In any case, it’s easy to identify and reach your target customers – parents of kids who are 5-15 years old.

– SiRA Fly Yoga Kids is a year-round program charged monthly. Since it’s so fun, I have full classes of kids and don’t need to look for new clients for each lesson. If attendance wanes during holidays, or if a child gets sick, I still get paid the monthly payment.

It worked for me and it can work for you!

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