Imagine – full classes in your studio and you have to refuse new attendees

How can I do it?

SiRA provides resources for yoga teachers, yogis or just moms to start  delivering or practicing Fly Yoga lessons.  The resources include class plans, posture video guides and more.  With our novel educational approach, you can start teaching your first Fly Yoga Kids class immediately.

SiRA Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga is the practice of yoga incorporating a hammock, that combines all the benefits of yoga while making the activity endless fun. Kids and Adults absolutely love it!

If you are a Yoga or a Pilates teacher who struggles every time trying to fill in the classes,

If your students do not attend persistently the classes

If you find it difficult to make a decent living from Yoga or Pilates classes

Read my story and find out how to create steady and continues income from yoga classes, along with a sense of self-fulfillment and fun.

How did I started?

In 2009 when I opened my Yoga Studio, I decided to focus mainly on Yoga for Kids. This decision was driven by my belief in the value that yoga can bring to kids during their childhood, as well as the value it can bring to them throughout their entire life. In addition, the yoga market, within my town, was saturated with tens of different Yoga studios types.

The Struggle I Faced

While I felt strongly in my belief that yoga could have a lifelong impact on my students, I found that it was difficult for kids to focus on a yoga class for 45 minutes. I also discovered that parents have quite a few stigmas about yoga and most of them do not think it can be suitable for children and therefore not keen to bring them to try the class. For a long time, like many yoga teachers, I worked hard to bring the lids to my yoga classes, but I could not really say that I was making a decent living from giving yoga classes.

The success of SiRA Fly Yoga

One day I saw a video of aerial yoga in hammocks. I felt it was really cool and I had to try. I ‘ve passed the aerial yoga teachers training. That’s how my love for Fly Yoga started. The decision to combine aerial yoga in my Yoga Kids classes was very natural. I started with a workshop, but I still did not know how to deliver the same limited number of exercises I had learned in a teacher’s course for a whole year in a year-round children’s class.

I’ve taken my knowledge of yoga therapy and yoga for kids and combined it with the hammock into a unique year-round SiRA Fly Yoga program. The SiRA Fly Yoga program combines all the benefits of yoga with the fun types of activities that both children and adults love! My classes started to fill up and I had to open more and more new groups. Over the years I’ve seen what works better and what’s less and the original program has undergone a lot of changes.

Today, I deliver Fly Yoga Kids & Teens & Adults classes based on a year-round program for beginners and advanced students (yes, there are children who continue attending the class for 4 years) and also deliver “Parents & Kids” and the holidays workshops and Fly Yoga Birthday Parties.

Kids come to this class and don’t want to leave and adults are asking me to open more classes. The struggle that I faced teaching traditional yoga classes disappeared when I started teaching Fly Yoga and I currently have a strong enrollment with 3 full classes per day.

Today I can say with a confidence that I earn a decent living by teaching yoga

Why Fly or Aerial Yoga for Kids?

Full Yoga Classes

– Kids can do yoga and they absolutely love it

– Year-round program – once signed up, children will attend for the entire year

– You will feel a sense of fulfillment and contribution by teaching yoga to kids

– Unique niche –  be the first or only one to teach aerial yoga for kids in your area

– Fly Yoga Kids classes usually take place during afternoon hours, time-slots that go unused in most Yoga studios


sira bcp shared successConstant Income Stream

– Monthly payments throughout the year create a steady stream of income

– Sense of fulfillment – earn a good salary by teaching yoga

– Retention  – steady attendance means no need to look for new clients for each session

– Set yourself apart from the competition and acquire new customers easily

Are you looking to fill up your Yoga classes and increase income?

Sign up to get access to FREE lesson plans,  posture video guides, explanations and tips

What do you get in the SiRA Fly Yoga program?

You get membership access to all the materials needed to deliver the class in an hour. It’s not necessary to memorize anything, as you will also get a cheat sheet, to place in front of you during the class.

  • Over 50 exercise videos with detailed explanations (and we keep adding).
  • 35 detailed illustrated plans of the year-round classes.
  • Cheat-sheet to use during each activity.
  • In addition to the year-round classes, you will get holiday workshop plans (New Year’s, Valentine’s Day etc.), and Fly Yoga Party plans (Family Day, Birthday, etc.).
  • Tips and tricks for each class and advice on how to manage a group of kids.

Everything is planned and structured in such a way that you don’t need prior experience in aerial yoga to be able to teach the class.

To get started, sign up for free and get immediately access to:

Over 50 FREE Step-by-Step Exercise Videos

2 FREE Illustrated Lesson Plans and cheat sheets to use in the class

New Fly Yoga Updates and Inspirational Videos

What is Fly Yoga?

Fly Yoga or Aerial Yoga is a special physical training that combines yoga, Pilates, stretching, strength, movement with the use of a hammock in the air.

Fly Yoga Therapy allows students to safely hang upside down in the air which is an especially beneficial position for the spine.

You don’t need to be an acrobat or a gymnast to learn, love and enjoy Fly Yoga.

What is Fly Yoga Kids?

Fly Yoga Kids is an Aerial Yoga class adjusted to kids. It combines yoga, stretching, strength, movement with the hammock in the air using images from nature and the animal world. Swinging in a hammock doing yoga poses is what makes kids love Fly Yoga.

Give your kids a new and amazing experience!

The Fly Yoga Kids Yoga Class combines physical activity, along with important life skills such as proper posture, the ability to relax, to listen to the body and to each other. In addition to the value and skills the class gives to children, it’s just a lot of fun for them. This type of physical activity is so crucial to balance out the time that our children are sitting involved with electronics and video games.

Fly Yoga Kids’ Yoga Class – This is an opportunity for a unique activity where children enjoy a wonderful sense of hovering, fun and freedom!

If you are struggling to fill your Yoga or Pilates classes, don’t hesitate. Sign up for SiRA Fly Yoga and create a joyful reason for more clients to come to your classes.

It worked for me and it can work for you!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Fly Yoga with Lena is professionally driven fun-filled class that incorporated traditional yoga poses in movement and with the support of hammocks.  Lena is thoroughly professional and by working in small groups able to support each child. You need to experience a class to believe how challenging, relaxing, strengthening, invigorating and fun Fly Yoga can be. My 11 year daughter is hooked!!!”

Stephanie P.

“Lena’s SiRA Fly Yoga is one of the pleasures of this life  also flying in the air (completely super power I would choose for myself), also feels like a child again and, on the way, strengthens the muscles and the dynamic balance. Really fun!”

Maya G.

I want to thank you Lena for this very special class! ?. My daughter is 5 years old at the children’s lesson and there is no one happier than she is … Not only is Micka getting stronger and her posture is good and confident … she is coming back with energy for the whole week! … In the lesson there is a combination of lots of movement and liberation, a side to peace and quiet that couldn’t find in any other kids class. And the most fun part was experiencing it myself on Family Day. We came the whole family that was a father and another sister … We found ourselves flying! Literally … Lena … Thank you for your patience with the children, the adventure and the weekly experience

Sevan B.